Howard Morris joins Remedial Technology as Durability Consultant – July 2013

I am pleased to announce that Howard Morris, a civil engineer with 33 years of experience in bridge design, construction and maintenance has joined Remedial Technology as a ‘Durability Consultant’.

Howard Morris was previously RTA Manager for Bridge Durability and Protection, a position which involved the provision of specialist engineering specifications and advice related to durability aspects of the Authority’s maintenance works and new construction. He represented AUSTROADS on a number of industry and Standards Australia Committees concerning the corrosion protection of steelwork, lead paint management and cathodic protection.

Howard project managed, and was involved in, various research and development projects related to concrete, protective coatings and cathodic protection of steel and concrete structures. He provided specialist advice on protective coatings for new bridge steelwork and the repainting of existing structures.

Howard has a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) and a Master of Engineering Science (Structures) from the University of NSW.

Howard’s vast experience and knowledge is a valuable addition to our company and we welcome his involvement with Remedial Technology.



Atef Cheaitani

Managing Director

Remedial Technology Pty Ltd 

Author: Atef Cheaitani
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