CPMS: The Future is Here

Remedial Technology recently launched the latest web based version of CPMS (Cathodic Protection Management System). This new online platform is a tool for the monitoring and maintenance of cathodic protection (CP) systems. CPMS is currently in use by asset owners for over 20 CP-protected structures in Australia.

The idea behind CPMS’s development was to give asset owners a one stop planning tool which simplifies the entire reporting, monitoring and maintenance process for their operating CP system(s) and to simplify long term maintenance planning and actions.

What are the key features of CPMS?

  • The system ensures that there is continuous delivery of cathodic protection current to the structures at all times.
  • It provides an online platform for owners to check and verify the status of all functional, performance and monitoring data for each individual structure.
  • It provides a simple, consolidated and up-to-date status report to owners for maintenance planning.
  • It provides live remote data monitoring of operating CP systems via the internet including alarm functions (subject to hardware configuration of the T/R unit).

What are it’s benefits?

A major benefit of CPMS is that it allows for the immediate identification of any issues which can affect the corrosion protection of a structure. These issues can then be promptly rectified within an appropriate time frame.

Another unique benefit of CPMS is that during initial system development, all exiting CP system information including specifications, drawings, performance reports…etc. are transferred to digital format. Further, all new monitoring data, functional checks and maintenance records are stored electronically. This ensures improved maintenance processes through faster access and retrieval of information, improved information sharing across relevant staff and consultants, cost savings from less creation, storage, retrieval and handling of paper records, and most important of all, improved business continuity through seamless handover of system information to successive managers.

With CPMS, better-informed decisions regarding maintenance issues can be achieved through faster online access to relevant information. The user is directed to only the key important facts about the CP system and the actions required, and this makes long term maintenance planning simple and cost effective and clear.

Pictured below: The diagram illustrates the basic structure of CPMS. In this example, CPMS is setup for an asset owner who is responsible for three CP-protected structures.






Author: Atef Cheaitani
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