CPMS: The Future is Here

Remedial Technology recently released the updated 2017 version of CPMS™ (Cathodic Protection Management System). 

CPMS™ is an advanced management tool for the efficient monitoring and maintenance of cathodic protection (CP) systems.

The web based management system offers a simple, efficient and reliable platform for the maintenance and monitoring of multiple CP systems. The system offers a live monitoring portal which allows transmission of real time data from the cathodic protection systems to the user’s PC using M2M technology. In addition, CPMS™ allows permanent access to all historical performance data, construction drawings, operational manuals and maintenance records for the CP systems.

CPMS™ features for asset owners are:

  • Simple and secure access for approved users through a password protected website.
  • A portal for 24/7 live monitoring of the CP systems. This monitoring allows real time verification of the corrosion protection of the structures.
  • Online yearly maintenance programs for all structures showing up-to-date work progress and recommendations for future maintenance work for planning and budgeting purposes.
  • All historical CP system data is consolidated onto one platform. This allows full transparency related to the status of the systems, information sharing and easy transition of responsibilities between successive asset managers.
CPMS™ includes Live Monitoring:

The live monitoring portal of CPMS allows transmission and recording of real-time data from each CP system. The transmitted data allows verification of the cathodic protection current of each circuit of the system, verification of continuous corrosion protection to the structure, and historical records of all data over the life of the CP system.

Below is an example of the main page of CPMS showing the status of six (6) operating CP systems:





















Author: Atef Cheaitani
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