Condition Assessment

Before undertaking any refurbishment or repair work, it is essential to ensure that the main causes and extent of the defects are properly identified and the most cost effective and technically sound rehabilitation solutions are specified.

While undertaking the site investigation appears to be a simple exercise, it is our opinion that this task should be carried out by personnel experienced in relevant survey and investigation techniques, and who at the same time are knowledgeable of the requirements of the concrete and rehabilitation strategy to be employed.  

Access to the structure to undertake the investigation could in some cases be a major component of the overall investigation cost. Carrying out the right tests and gathering the information required to formulate adequate remedial options and maintenance strategy have to be completed while access is available. In some cases, undertaking pilot or trial repair projects to verify the proposed repair strategy could also be incorporated in the assessment process.

At Remedial Technology, we have extensive experience in:

  • Diagnostic investigations for all types of structures and in particular for all corrosion related problems.
  • Development of innovative options for repair strategies including associated costing.
  • Design and installation of pilot projects or trials to validate the recommended repair as a part of the specification preparation.

Our services include:

Basic Preliminary Inspection

This inspection is normally carried out in one day. It involves a visual inspection and some basic testing such as delamination and on site chloride and carbonation testing. Based on this inspection, an initial expert opinion is provided in the form of a written report, which includes an outline repair method and a budget estimate for the recommended repair work.

Detailed Electrochemical Diagnostic Investigation

This investigation includes detailed testing which, depending on the specific condition of the structure, may include: visual inspection, cover to reinforcement testing, delamination testing, chemical analysis of concrete for chloride, sulphate and cement content, carbonation testing, Alkali aggregate reaction testing, resistivity testing, resistance mapping, compressive strength analysis, potential mapping and corrosion rate measurement. We use the latest state of the art equipment for non-destructive corrosion testing and assessment. Normally the duration of the site testing is from 3 to 6 days. A detailed report will be issued 3 weeks after completion of the site testing. Subject to contractual arrangements, the report may include, in addition to the test results and repair recommendation, a performance or detailed repair specification, a budget estimate for the repair work and tender documentation.